Hey there !

My name is Florie Vine and I’m a French writer, poet and watercolour artist. My stories are full of travels, discoveries and mystery to explore possibilities and paint humanity with optimism and, sometimes, a pinch of humor.

With shorter stories (in French at the moment), I explore a variety of atmospheres, such as uchrony with Gengis (in Dimension Uchronie) and vintage sci-fi à la Jules Verne with Le brasseur de temps (in Dimension merveilleux scientifique 5). Novel projects include a supernatural mystery in Paris, currently in the hands of publishers, and an optimistic space opera, currently being drafted.

As a poet, I write short texts inspired by japanese poetry, such as haiku, tanka or haibun. The essence of this short poetry is to contemplate a fleeting moment, a scene of ordinary beauty to encourage a slower, lighter and more grateful life.

I haven’t always dared follow my creative voice. For many years, I followed a path set by others and lost meaning in my life.

In time, I reconnected with what’s essential to me and distilled a new energy to my art and my life. I decided to share what I learned with other artists, entrepreneurs and anyone searching for meaning with the Creative Exploration, a six ingredients canvas to simplify, get inspired and create with optimism.

I’m currently working on sharing these resources in English, stay in touch if you’re interested !