Creative Exploration

Have you ever found yourself lost, out of touch with your current project or even your life ?

I have.

After following a path set for me by others, I ended up with a steady job and a lost spark.

That’s when I started simplifying my life, asking what was essential to me and what really sparked me. My raison d’être, as we say here in France. After many explorations, I decided to embrace the life of an independant artist through various projects of fiction writing, poetry, illustration and authentic communication.

As I shared these explorations through my French blog and podcast, more and more people started asking me questions about how I did it: how did I get out of that existential funk?

How did I reconnect with my lifelong dream of writing, and how did I make it possible despite the many constraints of adult life ?

As I provided insight on my personal experience, some overarching ideas started emerging—not only what worked for me, but the basic ingredients that helped me and may be of use to other people, if seasoned in a more personal way.

I have decided to share these ingredients as tools : the Creative Exploration was born.

The six ingredients of the Creative Exploration

I’m sharing these ingredients in order, but they add to the big cauldron of life and nourish each other, often creating a joyous mess…

  • Ingredient 1 : simplicity enables us to distinguish what’s essential and get rid of the rest
  • Ingredient 2 : introspection explores our inner selves to know who we really are and identify our aspirations, needs and sparks.
  • Ingredient 3 : inspiration turns towards the outer world to learn and enrich our universe thanks to other people and their work.
  • Ingredient 4 : creation invites us to determine our own path and find our inner voice by creating a meaningful project, work or life.
  • Ingredient 5 : organisation establishes a plan to get motivated, learn from our mistakes and persevere at our own pace.
  • Ingredient 6 : connection links us with like-minded people to contribute, create value and foster authentic bonds.

Stay in touch !

As I write this page in July 2019, most of the Creative Exploration content is still in French. If you’d like to know when I start releasing content in English (it’s planned!), you can contact me, follow me on instagram, twitter or subscribe to florieteller’s rss feed to receive upcoming articles…

Thanks so much for stopping by and happy explorations!