Florie Vine
Florie Vine

exploring possibilities with optimism

Hey there !

My name is Florie Vine and I write about simplicity and optimism as paths to explore our creative voice and craft a fulfilled, authentic life.

As a writer and artist, I explore possibilities with optimism through hopeful fiction, cosy mysteries and short poetry contemplating the tiny joys of life. I also paint watercolour and ink pieces inspired by planets and nature’s organic geometry.

Here, you will find my thoughts and explorations as an artist, but also tools and resources to explore your creativity and share your voice in a clear and authentic way.

Creative Exploration

A six ingredient framework to explore and express your creative voice and path.

I gathered a decade of writing and research about simplicity and life philosophy, my creative tools as an artist and my know-how as a communications expert to imagine the Creative Exploration. This framework serves as a basis for concrete tools to explore your inner voice, express your creativity and communicate in an authentic way.

Exploring possibilities with optimism

— a manifesto —

I believe it is possible to reconnect with our inner voice and become who we already are inside.

I believe it is possible to explore our creativity as humans and contribute to our ecosystem in our own way, with our strengths and quirks.

I believe we can own our difference, bloom as unique human beings and find our place in the world, where we can feel fulfilled and contribute in our own, meaningful way.

I believe we can cultivate optimism in this big uncertain world and be a light for ourselves and others.

I believe we can grow as artists and creatives while remaining true to ourselves and communicate in an authentic way.

We have permission to explore possibilities with optimism through creativity and in our life.

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