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Welcome on florieteller !

My name is Florie Vine, alias florieteller. I am a writer, poet and watercolour artist. Here, we explore possibilities with optimism through hopeful sci-fi, cosy mysteries as well as short poetry contemplating the tiny joys of life.

I also share my optimism with the Creative Exploration, a six ingredients canvas created from my experience as an artist to distill a new energy into a project (creative or otherwise) and follow our own way and voice.

The concept ? Simplify, get inspired and create to develop our inner talents, artistic or otherwise, with creativity, concrete tools and an ample dose of optimism ! All that at our own pace, while savoring the smallest joys of life…

Does it resonate with you ? Then you are in the right place ! Here are a few leads to start with…

What’s florieteller ?

That’s me ! My name is Florie, and I am a storyteller, so it seemed perfectly appropriate to call myself “florieteller”.

But florieteller is also the place I share my creative universe and what I learn as I follow my way and voice as an independant artist.

What you will find here

The goal of the florieteller website is to gather everything I make. Depending on what’s most interesting to you right now, you can pick and choose among the following resources :

You are an artist, craftsperson, freelancer, or you are looking for what sparks you : I invite you to discover the Creative Exploration, a concrete tool made of six ingredients to distill a creative energy to your projects and life. You may also find your own voice and way as you keep exploring…

Most of the Creative Exploration content is only available in French at the moment. I will update this page as content in English becomes available. In the meantime, I share some ideas and content in English on instagram and twitter.

You like genre fiction and the values around authenticity, independance and optimism? Then you may enjoy my creative work !

  • I write sci-fi and mystery stories, sometimes together (and mainly in French for now). I like to explore the stars, unravel mysteries and solve murders in unusual settings, sometimes vintage, with a hint of humor and detectives who like to drink tea, enjoy a hot bath and take their sweet time. Sounds good ? Check out my bibliography.
  • I am a poet ! I mainly explore short poetry such as haiku to capture a fleeting image, a hint of emotion, a scene of ordinary beauty. You can read some on instagram.
  • I also explore ink and watercolour illustrations. You can find snippets of my studies on instagram as well!
  • If you like to read about an artist’s backstage, I occasionnally publish articles here, as well as monthly updates on Patreon (in French for now).

Who is Florie ?

My name is Florie Vine, alias florieteller, and I am an independant artist. Like many, I started in life by following a path set out by others and forgetting, little by little, what sparked me.

Then, I started simplifying my life, came back to what was essential to me and decided to live an intentional life. I started following the path of the artist while rediscovering my own creative voice. Since then, I multiply creative projects and tools to share what I’ve learned along the way…


Happy exploration of the florieteller universe! If you have questions or comments, please get in touch. That would make me very happy. In the meantime, I hope you have a great day, an awesome evening, and talk to you soon ✨