Stories on creativity, optimism and slow living

Hey there !

I hope you are doing well in these uncertain times.

I haven’t shown up here in a long time as I had to make choices, and the content made in French, my native language, has been the priority for me these past few months. Also, I’ve been busy finding a healthy balance between creative work, content creation and personal life, but that’s a story for another day.

Lately however, I have been called back to this little international space, as more and more of you English speakers are following me on instagram and enjoying my visual art (while the writing is waiting to be translated, but that, too, is a story for another day).

As I am still searching for that daily balance between the many tasks and ideas calling me as a multi-passionate artist, I have decided to experiment and incorporate, once again, some content in English.

Because I feel called to share my voice as a creative and optimist outside of my native language. Because I miss the discussions we used to have on my former English blog, the Nife en l’Air.

So, let the experiment begin. And begin it shall, with a podcast.

I have been podcasting for over 3 years in French, and even though I am a writer and the love for written word is nested deep into my heart, I actually find myself loving the podcast format both as a creator and listener.

My trade as an artist is in stories – as a writer, I have studied the inner workings of storyelling, myths, journeys and archetypes. As an independant artist, as I left the well-lit path of corporate life to try and create my own way, I have discovered that stories are not only about fiction.

Our brain loves stories. This is how we make sense of the world, of the unknown, of our emotions, experiences and everything in between. In time, I learned that the stories we tell ourselves are as important as the stories we read and watch.

That’s why I have decided to talk about all these stories on the podcast : choosing our own narrative with optimism, daring to create a life that sparks us, taking the time to make space for our stories, slow down and discover our own pace in this frantic world.

I am quietly creating the first episodes of season one – there will be two podcasts per month and it starts in June, so stay tuned if you’re curious about this !

Update June 8 : with everything happening right now, I don’t feel comfortable launching and promoting the podcast at the moment. Season 1 is ready to launch in July instead.

In the meantime, thank you so much for reading until the end, take care and have a wonderful day.


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