Exploring possibilities with optimism

Hey there, and welcome to my brand new English-speaking home !

My name is Florie Vine, alias florieteller (because I’m a storyteller) and I am a sci-fi & mystery writer, a poet and watercolour artist.

I am also French. All of my fiction writing is published in French as I write this article, as well as my podcasts (yes, I have several), my YouTube videos and all of the Creative Exploration resources (yes, I only have 24 hours a day and no, I haven’t built a time machine yet).

Thing is, I work a lot in English. I do communications for a video game studio, if you’re curious about this area of my life. And every time I mention my writing, podcasts and other endeavors to my colleagues, they ask when they’ll be able to enjoy it in English.

Same goes for the few readers who still follow me from the Nife en l’Air days, a blog where I used to share minimalist experimentations in English.

Well, of course, I’m sure most of them are being polite while they rejoice in secret that they don’t speak French and therefore don’t have to come up with some other excuse not to read or listen to what I make.

That’s perfectly fine.

As a writer and content creator, my goal is to add value to people who are genuinely curious and interested in what I have to offer, with my humble voice of artist and optimist.

So, what DO I have to offer?

Like anyone else, what I offer is my singular and ordinary human experience of life so far.

Namely, how found meaning in my life through art and creativity.

Also, cosy detectives who drink tea, enjoy baths and take their sweet time to solve mysteries, mostly in space. And sometimes in Paris. More on this when the translation of the Paris novel is done. (As it turns out, it’s much easier to translate a website than a full novel, but more on this another day.)

But mostly, I want us to explore possibilities with optimism together.

Possibilities in fiction of course—we’ll discuss solarpunk soon enough. But also possibilities in our own life. Because there are many more possibilities than we think, not only on the social level, but on the personal level as well.

We are in grim times and I want to quietly disobey (like a good introvert) by spreading optimism around. So we’ll discuss simplicity and minimalism, but also how to turn to our inner selves, get inspired and create art, projects and lives that sparks us from the inside.

But because there are only 24 hours a day and I haven’t invented the time machine yet, content in English will come at its own pace. Did I mention we’ll discuss slow living as well?

In the meantime, if the notion of finding a career path that suits you, with optimism and the idea that possibilities are wider than we think, I strongly suggest reading this great article on wait but why.

Thanks for popping by and reading florieteller’s first article in English. I wish you a wonderful day, a fantastic evening and see you soon !


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